Who Are The Trainers Of These Horses Part 2?

Previously we have created a quiz that is based around the idea that we have give you a horse and we wanted to know who the trainer of the animal is.

This quiz is very similar but the difference is there are horses added that the lesser knowledgable race goer will not know who they are so the quiz is much harder.

All of the horses that are on show are known to the national hunt sphere with all of them winning a big race in there career. With this a lot of the trainers that are seen in the multiple choice sections are very well known and the leading bodies in the sport.

There are 11 questions in total and we think you be aiming to get at least six, in this harder form of the quiz we made earlier. Different to other one these are all jumps horses and not a mixture with flat so this may help some of you.

There are four possibilities, but only one correct answer. If you are ready, put your form and notebook aside and find out how much you know about our favourite flat and jumps' trainers.

Good Luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure and the best scores will be retweeted.