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We're pleased to announce that the Betting Hub App now has racing race cards, the latest racing offers & a racing tipster competition.

The App is available for both iOS and Google App store users and can be downloaded for free using the buttons below:

Betting Hub Horse Racecards

Horse Racecards

The Betting Hub app offers the latest odds from the biggest bookmakers and provides real-time racing results. With our app, you can access competitive odds from top bookies, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information for your betting decisions. Additionally, we keep you informed with instant racing results, eliminating the need to search through multiple sources. Stay ahead of the game with the Betting Hub app, where you can find the latest odds and stay updated on racing outcomes.

Betting Hub EW

Each Way Places

With the Betting Hub app, we have simplified the process of comparing and placing each-way bets, providing you with a seamless experience directly within the app.

Footy Accumulators Betting Hub Odds Format

Odds Format

In the Betting Hub app, you can choose your preferred odds format in your profile settings. You have the option to select fractions, decimals, or the American. Fractions represent odds as a ratio, decimals provide a straightforward representation of potential winnings, and American uses positive or negative numbers. This customization ensures that odds are displayed to suit your betting style and preferences.

Betting Hub App Features

We took what was already great about horse tracker and added to it making features easier and more efficient to use. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll find in our app.

Racecards, Latest Odds & Results

Our app features all the race cards for the biggest racing events each day. This allows you to scope out the entries and check things like form, going and Jockey information to name a few. In addition to this you can look ahead to future upcoming races by scrolling through the pages.

In-App Betting & Bet Tracking

Any bet you place through our app will automatically be tracked. This means you’ll get notifications on the race results. Simply navigate to the ‘My Bets’ section on the main menu to see all the bets you’re currently tracking

Racing Tipster Competitions

Enter our free to play racing tipster tournaments and win cash prizes!

Simply download the app and head to the Tipster section to enter a tournament.

Exclusive Betting Offers

With many high-profile races though out the year we see many great horse racing betting offers. You’ll be the first to find out about them in the special offers section of our app.

Odds Comparison

Due to the sheer number of bookmakers currently operating within the UK market, it can be hard to find the one that will offer you the best prices for your bets. Our app will compare the prices of your bets against each of them and show you which bookie is offering you the best price.

Bet Slip Tracking

With the Betting Hub App, you can track your bets tirelessly with our bet tracker section. Our interface makes tracking bets easy as you get notifications and live stats throughout all of the races that feature in your bet.

Exclusive Offers

The Betting Hub app is the only place where you will find a curated selection of new & existing customer offers as well as promotions from all the major UK operators.

Our team works closely with the bookmakers to make sure we have all of the best promotions available at all times.

This is just the first release of our new app, and we have got a lot more in the pipeline, so stay with us to get the edge when placing your horse racing bets.

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