Which Horse Finished In The Highest Position In These Races?

Over the past year on the flat and over the jumps there has been some phenomenal races take place that have produced some great winners but also some great battles that will be remembered in the sport for a long time to come.

We have got 10 races with three and sometimes four horses in the multiple choice section and we want you to tell us correctly which horse out the ones to choose from finished in the highest position in that specific race.

With races from both the flat and the jumps and with these races not being ordinary Class 4s and being the big races of the year this quiz is a test of knowledge but also memory, on how well you can remember the horses that crossed the line first.

In this quiz there are also winners of the race added that makes it simple enough if you can remember who won that specific race this year.

The Cheltenham festival is heavily implemented in these 10 questions, so if you went to the four day meeting or just watched it on the TV you have got a good chance of getting at least half.

If your a flat racing fan this should also be the same case for you with many of the big Group 1 contests from last season scattered about in this quiz.

You have 2 minutes 30 seconds to complete this 10 question multiple choice quiz and we think you should getting at least 7/10. Good Luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure and the best will be retweeted.