Whats Happened In The Flat Season So Far?

Flat Racing Quiz

The flat season is slowly drawing towards the end of the season and even with some really big festivals still to come, we want to see if you can remember whats already took place during this years flat season.

We have asked 10 questions asking for the answers on the certain horses that have won the big races this season, jockeys that have been performing at the top level and trainers that can't stop winning.

For you avid racing fans you should be looking to get full marks but it will be a memory test and a frustrating one at that, trying to think back all the way to the start of the season to what happened last weekend.

There is still plenty of huge occasions to look forward to in flat racing with the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe and British Champions Day towards the back end of the season.

But we are only focusing on what has already happened so far during this flat season and if you have forgot there has been plenty for us to go at.

You will be given four answers for each question it is your job to pick the right one and as said earlier, anything less than full marks will require you to brush up on your knowledge.


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