What Football Clubs Are Closest To These Racecourses?

Racecourse and Football Clubs

This quirky quiz interludes both football and horse racing and also your geography skills to see what football clubs are closest to these racecourses.

This quiz is all about both sports, where you need to have knowledge of both to be able to get a high score in this quiz.

Another thing you will have to have knowledge on in order to do well in this round is geography of Britain as although it is linked to football clubs you have to know where these places are in England mostly to guess which racecourses are closest.

Some of the football clubs in the UK are named after places that are not actually familiar to many people actual places, this is the same with racecourse so this is where your knowledge of the sports will have to come into it.

This is not a multiple choice quiz but there are hints to help you out with the answers.

Good Luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure and the best will be retweeted.