We Give You The Horse And You Give Us The Sex?

The sex of a horse can determine a lot in a race and it is more crucial then what a lot of punters think when it comes to betting.

Horses in different races can be split apart so just races for colts or just races for fillies and this will see things be even in age and weight and sex but there are a lot of races where both sexes will be put in the same race and this is where you have to read and pay attention.

Fillies and mares will be given leniency when mixed with male horse in the way of weight allowances to even the playing field. Without knowing this you are a disadvantage in the betting and it is crucial to always be thorough when backing a horse.

A horses name can be a key to what sex they are but can also be deceiving, normally if a horse has a male perceived word in it, like king or a males name that horse normally is a colt, gelding or male horse.

This is then the same for female horses if the horse is called queen, or females name it will be a filly or mare.

This quiz is multiple choice and it offers 12 questions to be answered inside two minutes. They are all recognisable and Group 1 horses so lets see if you know what sex they are, Good Luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure.