We Give You A Fact And You Give Us The Answer

With so many big names now known world wide in horse racing there are so many different facts about trainers, jockeys and horses that people won't know about and this quiz is to enlighten you whilst also testing your knowledge.

There are questions in this quiz based around jockeys life with some threatening to quite the sport and then others that have won certain races compared to others that haven't.

There are questions about trainers mixed in as well with those ranging toquestions based around fun facts that you will only get the answer if you have read about these stats in the past.

Horses are also involved with quirky questions based around racehorses that are noticeable by there features like for instance the name of the horse that has one ear.

There are eight questions in this quiz and it is a fun trivia round but also we believe that the real racing fans should be getting at least 6/8 if you think your knowledge is that good.

This a multiple choice quiz with four answers to choose from which could make things easier or add to the confusion of what the answer could be.

Good Luck! Send your results into @TWEnclosure and the best will be retweeted.