Nationalities In Horse Racing Quiz

Within horse racing there are many different nationalities that make up the sport and this makes it very unique and allows different cultures to come together.

Racing takes place all over the world everyday and to some people this is unknown but this is how jockeys and trainers that have come over to England or featured at some point over here have started out.

Another thing that brings different nationalities together is the breeding of horses. Most of the top flat horses this season were not bred in England they have come from all over with Ireland and America taking up a big percentage of this.

Jockeys probably make up the biggest amount of different nationalities in the sport with them travelling all over the world for certain rides. The main stay of different nationalities that are represented in England are Irish jockeys with nearly the same amount of British riders as Irish.

In this quiz there are questions on trainers, jockeys, horses and even racecourses and all we wan to know is the country of origin they are from.

You have three minutes to complete this quiz with 10 questions on offer and because it is multiple choice this should be easier than other quizzes we have. Good Luck!

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