Football And Racing Quiz

Football and horse racing go hand in hand with many fans of one f the sports normally are fans of the other with betting having a huge part to play with how well they interlude.

This quiz is all about both sports, where you need to have knowledge of both to be able to get a highly score in this quiz.

A lot of footballers especially the ones in this quiz are very well known and are always in the public eye so when horse owners go to think of a name for there horses it is easy to name them after a big celebrity.

A lot of horse owners will have ties to football with the big owners being extremely wealthy and maybe being able to own or have shares in some sort of football activity.

Some owners might just support a football team and their favourite player for that side will just might become the name of their horse aswell.

You have two minutes 30 second to complete this quiz and his is not a multiple choice quiz but there are hints to help you out with the answers. Good Luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure and the best will be retweeted.