Name The Horse Racing Figures From Their Initials

James Mackie | @JMackieRacing

Initials Quiz

We have done some quirky quizzes in our time and this is another one with us just giving you the initials of the figures in horse racing and we want you to tell us the specific names of the people, horses or racecourses.

You are given the answer in front of you but it is a mind game to go and work out the specific entity we are looking for.

All the figures on show here are famous within the racing world for all different reasons, as one might be a Group 1 winning trainer or there might be historical racecourses.

However, there will be figures in there that aren't aswell heard of in the racing world and it will take some extreme knowledge to work it out.

In this quiz you are given three minutes to complete it, there are 12 questions and it is not multiple choice so you will have to know what the answers are.

Good Luck and send in your scores to @TWEnclosure and the best will be retweeted.