Name Every Racecourse In The United Kingdom

Horse racing as a sport is known for many different things across the world with the atmosphere on race days, the certain horses that are running and what style you prefer to watch but overall without racecourses none of this would even be in contention.

In cities and counties around the United Kingdom there are multiple and sometimes just the one racecourse that to a lot of people make them proud to be from there because of how much trade and how well kept the course is.

For some punters who travel all over the country to watch horse racing they have places that they hold very dear to there hearts because of much they like the certain racecourses they have been to over the years.

In the sport there are three types of racing that occurs, with different respective race goers having a passion for sometimes all of them but normally preferring one or the other.

Flat racing holds two types of racing with turf and all weather. The majority of fans that prefer this type of racing have a passion for horses that go on the turf with it offering better standard of racing and bigger prize money.

The all weather is for followers of the sport that just can not go with out any racing all year round as the all weather runs all season long, with the flat turf contests preserved for the summer and good weather.

National Hunt is for the Autumn and Winter, just creeping into the spring and going from this years tv figures gets a lot more punters involved in the sport than the flat racing does.

With all these courses offering certain styles per course with some offering all three we want to know of you can name every track in the United Kingdom.

You have 15 minutes to get 62 questions correct. We have given you hints with the country and style of racing at the course.

Good Luck!