How Well Do You Know Your Horse Racing Owners

Horse racing owners some what go missing in the sport when compared to the jockey's, trainers and horses but they are actually the biggest part of it, because without them they wouldn't have bought the horses to then go and race them.

The thing with owning horses is that sometimes it's not just a singular person, it can be a family of people, a business/company but more recently in the sport with syndicates, which is a number people all having a share in a horse and not just one singular person.

This happens a lot more so now than what it did before and it has expanded the reach that horse racing gets with the different countries and certain owners from there home countries running there horses all over the world but more where they are from so they can watch them easier.

In this quiz there are not just people that are just solely known for owning horses, some face will be familiar from a number of different things but what they all have in common is they are all very famous and recognisable.

Horse racing has become more a cultural sport now with more people from outside of it wanting to get involved more, certainly with the bigger festivals hosted in the United Kingdom and for American owners over in the USA as well with there big race meetings.

This quiz is again designed to test your knowledge but also educate you to become more knowledgable about the sport, there are nine questions with no time limit, but these questions are either ones you will know straight away or you won't get them at all. Good Luck and look out for the familiar celebrities!