Horse Racing Betting Terms Quiz

Betting Terms Quiz

With a lot of quizzes that we have made in the past they are all based around getting the names of figures in horse racing or the horses themselves with a lot of multiple choice rounds to have a go at but this one is very different.

In this 15 question quiz we have given you the definitions os sayings or what the word is actually called, all based around betting in horse racing.

As a tipping site a lot of you that come to our site are intrigued in what we fancy for the day but after you have seen our tips it is then down to you what you do with them.

When gambling always remember to gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford, but if having a flutter there are many different methods you can go down.

You can place just a single bet of one horse or there are many other ways to place different bets if you fancy more than one horse which all the definitions are in the quiz.

We have given you four minutes to complete this quiz which is more time than most of our quizzes but with how hard we think this is we have given you more time.

We expect the true horse racing fans and punters that enjoy a responsible flutter should be getting at least 7/10. Good Luck and send your scores into @TWEnclosure