General horse Racing Quiz For Intermediates

Last month we created a quiz for novices in horse racing, for people who like to have a flutter when they go to meetings with family or for a friends birthday but this quiz is for more advanced punters in the racing world and hopefully you novices out there have upped your game to now be an intermediate.

Over the last few months the quizzes that have been churned out by us have gave you the opportunity to have a go and if you get answers wrong the right answer is then displayed so you are constantly learning about all different aspects of horse racing and this quiz does the same at just a higher level of Knowledge.

This quiz offers 10 questions on all different aspects of the sport form trainers to different racecourses to then winning horses and different races around the world.

This will enquire your knowledge on past events but also the present with things that have recently happened this year that you will have to jog your memory on.This a multiple choice quiz giving you the option of four possible answers to choose from making things easier for you if you don't quite know the answer.

There are 10 questions to go through with a time limit of 2 minutes so you have to be speedy, good luck and send your best scores into @TWEnclosure