From The Silks On Show Can You Guess Who The Horse Is?

We have created a quiz that is a little bit quirky and bit more visual compared to our other quizzes where pictures are the main focus of your answers and questions.

In this trivia round we are looking to test your knowledge on how much you remember about specific horses and the silks the jockeys on board them are wearing.

This is a memory test as well as a knowledge test because even if the names of the horses in the multiple choice answers aren't familiar to you, when looking at the pictures can you remember a horse that is well known or that has won in those silks and it might jog your memory.

Another positive some of these pictures offer is the jockeys are recognisable in some of them so even if you don't know the horse you might know the jockey and horses he or she has ridden in the past that might be in the answers section.

There is no time limit in this quiz but the quicker you can do it the better your knowledge will be, there are 10 questions overall. Good luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure.