Can You Tell Us The Style Of The Different Racecourses?

we have made another racecourse quiz for you to get stuck into but this one is slightly different to the others as this time we have give you the racecourse but we want to know what sort of racing takes place there.

There are three types of racing that can take place at racecourses. Firstly there is flat racing where there is no obstacles and the skill of the jockey is all about restraining the horse and releasing them at full speed at the right time to go on and win the race.

Secondly you have courses that are just made for national hunt racing where there are obstacles on the course. This can either be hurdles where juveniles normally go over after coming form a bumper season or over fences where the big boys go over and normally the more experienced horses will run over.

Then there are courses that are made for both styles of racing and they are called dual purpose racecourses and what this quiz will teach you is that there are more of these courses in the united Kingdom and Ireland then you think.

They're some courses that hold all weather courses, flat turf courses and also a jumps course but this is very rarely seen but there are these racecourses in Great Britian.

This is a multiple choice quiz so there are the three options to pick from giving you a 33.33 percent chance of getting the answer right. Good luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure