Can You Name The Racecourses With The Furthest Distance Between Them?

Racecourse Quiz

With our quizzes they normally are just solely based around horse racing but this one is different and even though it is racing based you have to have a bit geographical knowledge of the United Kingdom and Ireland to be able to get 10/10.

In GB and across the pond in Ireland there are over 60 racecourses where frequent races all year round take place over flats and jumps.

Trainers, Jockeys and the horses sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles to go and take part in a race and it can be frustrating when the performance isn't quite what it should have been.

But this is where our quiz comes into affect and we want to know if you can tell the difference in miles between the different racecourses dotted around.

We have stretched distances from all over England from places like Yorkshire to Staffordshire and then Dublin to other places situated in Ireland.

There are 10 questions in this quiz and we have made this one a little harder only giving you 1 minute 30 seconds to complete it. It is multiple choice however which will give you a 50 percent chance of getting it right, Good Luck!