Can You Name The Racecourse Where These Famous Horses Debuts Took Place

Debuts Quiz

There are many famous horses in both forms of the sport, over the flats and the jumps at the moment that when you see there names in the race cards or see they're running you instantly know who they are.

A lot of the horses in the quiz have won the biggest races there is over the past few years and are well known within the sport but we want to know how much you actually know about these horses.

All horses had to start there careers off somewhere and a lot of these horses in there debut performances made a real name themselves by either winning by a clear margin or shaping like they have the potential to be a smart prospect.

This quiz looks to see if you have that knowledge of remembering when watching these superstars as youngsters and thinking these are going to be special horses, where these races took place.

In this trivia game you have three minutes to complete 15 multiple choice questions with four racecourses on offer to choose from.

For you true racing fans out there we expect you to be getting at least 10/15 as this is a tough quiz but the courses are getable if thinking about it.

Good Luck! Tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure and the best scores will be retweeted.