Can You Guess The Trainer From The Cropped Image?

This again like our quiz earlier is a bit quirky and something very different to what we normally do as we try to add more picture quizzes to our roster and add a little more fun into learning and quizzing in horse racing.

Trainers make up a lot of the sport and without there top class work week in week out no punters would make any money and the sport itself wouldn't be the same.

The insight they give into the sport when on course or even off it is amazing and it has really come on with advanced technology in the sport and the way TV networks are producing coverage of the sport.

When racegoers are looking for there horse to bet on knowing who the trainer of the horse is can be crucial but seeing there face and remembering who they are can be tricky.

This picture round hosts 11 questions with no time limit but it does help with a multiple choice section with four names of trainers per question to try and trigger your memory.

There are some really tough ones in here and anyone getting 11/11 is a true quizzer, especially in horse racing. Good Luck and send your scores into @TWEnclosure