Can You Get The Ages Of These Famous Figures In Racing

Trying to guess someones age in real life is always a sticky subject but also a lot of fun and that is what we have tried to replicate here.

All the big names in racing whether it be a trainer or a jockey or a horse or a racecourse they all have a number over there head and we want to know what they are.

The names in this quiz will all be very familiar to racing fans who have been watching this year, with horses and jockeys that have won the big Group 1s of the year and Trainers that have been at the head of the leaderboards all season.

Punters and racing fans might know a fair bit about the sport and the people in it but the majority will not actually know the age of the person in question and this is why this quiz will be fun but also educational.

You have five minutes to complete this quiz which holds 10 questions and it is multiple choice offering you between two and four answers per question. Good Luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure