Can You Choose The Country The Racecourse Is Based In?

For horse racing fans in Great Britain a lot of us think that there isn't really any other racing that is done a part from in our country.

With all the big festivals we have and the amount of racing that tajes place daily not just just in the day but on the night as well why would there need to be any other racing in the world but there is.

In countries all over the world there are frequent race meetings with plenty of racecourses that to not a lot of people and in some cases racing fans know about, these meetings will be very similar to the way we do things with bookmakers, odds, the atmosphere and the horses running over similar distances but the reason why the other countries don't get the recognition for there racing is because of the difference in quality when compared to the United Kingdom.

We have frequent Group 1 and 2 races over here where in other countries they might have one once a month if they're being lucky so know one is really taking note.

The blessing this quiz gives you compared to others that even if you don't know the answer it will educate you with it if you get it wrong so you are constantly learning and building your knowledge of the sport outside of just English racing.

A lot of big races take place all over the world in a lot of big countries. We just want you to tell us the country the certain racecourse is based. You have 2 minutes 30 seconds to complete 13 questions. A good score on this quiz would be 10/13 Good Luck!!!

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