Name the 7 all weather tracks in the UK and Ireland?

James Mackie | @JMackieRacing


In the United Kingdom and Ireland between them they hold 86 racecourses with flat racing and national hunt races taking place every day.

However, all weather racing and racecourses are parts of the sport that go under the radar and aren't associated with the sport as highly as racing on the turf is.

In other racing around the world in places like America and Dubai all weather racing is seen as better than the turf but it is referred to dirt racing over there and there are frequent Group 1s taking placing on that surface, where as in Great Britain there is no Group 1s on the all weather.

In this quiz we have gone for a different method in the way we want to test you and that is still through memory and still through you having knowledge of racecourses around the UK and Ireland but this test is a quick fire quiz.

You have the maximum time of one minute to complete this quiz with seven racecourses to get, there is no time to waste so good luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure.