WATCH: Darts Player Walks On To The Oche With A Horse At World Championships

Darts players walk ons are known for being a little, erm, lets say 'out of the ordinary.' But this just truly tops the lot.

We go back to the 1995 World Championships and the larger than life Bob Anderson is about to make his way onto the oche at The Circus Tavern in Purfleet. Darts fans of this era will be more used to the likes of Michael Van Gerwen's Seven Nation Army walk on or Peter Wrights entrance to Pitbull's Don't Stop The Party, but neither had anything on what Anderson did.

Well known for being a character on the circuit, Anderson was at the time one of the most popular players on the scene and this stunt certainly didn't damage his popularity. Out of all the props or people or items he could have used to accompany him on his walk on, he used a horse, yes that's right, A FULLY GROWN HORSE.

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