Top Cheltenham Pitch Up For Sale Next Week

The dual between bookmakers and punters is an on going battle that will last a lifetime and this year one of the big names from the front line of the bookmakers pitches will be missing after number two pitch will be going on Auction next week.

This pitch was bought 21 years ago by legendary layer in the sport Freddie Williams and for the last 10 years since his death it has been looked after by his daughter.

Now the time has come for his daughter Julie to pass on his fathers number two pitch in Tattersalls which is one of the best on the course for business.

The prime pitch will go up for auction and will be an expensive investment for whoever gets there hands on the prized spot with a £165,000 reserve for the Administration of Gambling on Tracks auction, which closes on Monday.

(Credit Racing Post) Julie Williams said: "It's nothing to do with being scared of Mr Mullins and Elliott – last year was a good year.

"The year all the shorties were winning it was almost impossible to win, but otherwise it has been worth the journey and I think the pitches are worth quite a bit of money.


"It's ten years since my dad passed away and it's just a case that the buzz walking in each year has gone. If you never worked with my dad you wouldn't understand the buzz there was with such a formidable figure in the ring with the bets he took."

This large reserve of£165,000 will scare some people away but it will also bring some bookies in who will be willing to pay the big bucks to get there hands on such an occupied spot at the course.

This deal does mean that whoever gets the number two pitch will only be able to use this spot for the four days of the festival and the November meeting. This just shows how much of a gamble it is itself.

Williams is also offering up pitch 2 in Tattersalls for the Off meetings period at the track as well which see's a slightly cheaper reserve being set at 85,000. This covers the other Cheltenham fixtures that are not part of the festival and November meeting package.

If the pitch does not get the reserve asked of it Williams said: "I'll be buying a new hat and going to work there again.

She added: "We've still got all our pitches in Scotland – on all the tracks except Kelso, where dad never had a pitch as he said it was too far away to come back from after a losing day!"

Whatever happens for the female bookmaker she will be heading to the Cheltenham festival for work if she can't sell the pitch or pleasure as her husband has shares in the Gordon Elliott trained Synopsis, who looks to be heading to Prestbury Park.

"It was a mad dash from the betting ring to the winner's enclosure," said Williams. "It was really nice as I knew then it could be my last day standing there, and having a winner there was something my dad had always wanted to do, so it was especially poignant." Said Williams.