Throwback: Hayley Moore Catches Horse Whilst Presenting

Just a normal summers day in Wales at Chepstow racecourse where At The Races Presenter Hayley Moore was there broadcasting on the day events in May of this year.

What happened was something out of the ordinary and was truly remarkable from the female presenter, who used her horsemanship from being around horses her whole life with her father and brothers all involved as jockeys and trainer.

Give Em A Gulp, a horse that was supposed to be running in the next race the channel was televising unseated his jockey and was left doing laps of the course by himself.

After doing several rounds of the track the horse was running in the direction at a fierce speed and Moore from nowhere managed to grab the reigns of the horse and hold on for dear life and restrain the horse to a stop.

She was dragged 10 yards whilst holding onto the horse and gave the spectators a truly remarkable spectacle and something out of the ordinary to be seen by the presenter.

When calming him down and making sure the horse was fine, she straight away went to take the horses saddle off and get him comfortable.

This video is something of true skill and should not go underestimated of how hard it is to stop a racehorse at near full speed.

Well done Hayley Moore, Here is a piece dedicated to you and your brilliant show of bravery and courage to deal with the horse in the way you did.

See the video below.