Soft ground to be in the going description on Arc day

Arc Ground

The weather forecast in Paris across the week leading up to the prestigious Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe on Sunday should see the going description include an element of soft in it that will play to the strengths of many horses.

The officials have not categorically stated that it will officially be soft on the day of the race and will be able to give a clearer reading as the big day gets closer but at the moment it looks as if there may be some give in the turf.

Paris, during the week sees a mixture of rainy showers but also plenty of sunny moments which could see the temperatures reach the high teens which would then be good for the horses who like the ground to be quick.

However, last week the track picked up its first bit of rain for close to a month which did halt the thinking for trainers that were looking for zip in the surface, like it was at Longchamp during their Arc trials day.

(Credit Racing Post) Jean-Guillaume d’Orglandes, track superintendent at Longchamp and two other French tracks explained: ""We were at 3.5 [soft] on the penetrometer this morning following 4mm of rain in the previous 24 hours and nearly 20mm since last Tuesday.

"This time of the year at Longchamp you get cool nights and a heavy dew so the moisture tends to stay in the ground."

Looking at the forecast for the week as a whole he added: "We look like getting some rain on Tuesday although the forecast is for less than we originally expected and it should be no more than 5mm. We might get some more on Friday and perhaps on Sunday. 

"The temperatures should pick up after Thursday but not enough to really dry it out. There will be soft in the going description for the weekend but it is too early to say whether it will be good to soft, soft or very soft."

The final declarations and stall draw for the Group one takes place on Thursday with trainers and riders knowing exactly what they will need to do to land the richest flat race on turf.