Types of Horse Racing Bets

punters betting at the cheltenham festival

Types of horse racing bets

Horse racing is one of the most popular forms of betting out there and as a result of its popularity, there are loads of bets to consider and there will always be something to figure out in the world of horse racing betting. Below, we have listed all the types of bets and types of horse racing bets.

What Are The Different Types of Horse Racing Bets?


A single bet is a bet where you simply bet on one horse within a race and nothing else. For example, one horse to win the Gold Cup.


Doubles are popular with many horse racing bettors, whether this be at the Grand National bet types or the Melbourne Cup bet types - you can get doubles on all events out there. A double is simply two different races you bet on where you have chosen the outright winner.


Just like a double and a single, these types of horse racing bets allow you to back three different races where you have chosen the outright winner.


If you’re wondering what are the best types of horse racing bets, these types of horse racing bets are some of the best for overall profit. An accumulator is betting on multiple bets on one big bet, for example, all 5 races of a day at Cheltenham.


Similarly to the above, a trixie bet consists of four bets of equal value on three selections in separate events, such as three doubles and one treble.


A patent is seven bets of equal value on three separate events, such as three singles, three doubles and one treble. The doubles and the trebles usually force the overall price tag of the bet much higher.


More types of horse racing bets come in the form of a yankee bet. This is 11 bets of equal value on selections in four separate events, such as six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold.

Lucky 15

For many, the best type of horse racing bet is the lucky 15. This is 15 bets of equal value on selections in four separate events.


Similar to a lucky 15, a Canadian bet is a bit tougher to figure out and is a multiple bet, however, a Canadian bet covers a whopping 26 bets of five events.

Lucky 31

Lucky 31 consists of 31 bets of equal value in five separate event from five selections, which is 10 trebles, five singles, 10 doubles, five four-folds, and one five-fold acca.

Super Yankee

A super yankee bet is 26 bets from five different selections. This must have four five-fold accumulators, 10 trebles, 10 doubles and a five-fold.


A heinz bet ups the ante even more, as this must be 57 bets of equal value on selections in six separate events which will have 15 four-folds, 10 trebles, 10 trebles, 15 doubles, one five-fold accumulator and six five-folds.

Lucky 63

A Lucky 63 has 63 bets which one again, must all be of equal value on selection in six separate events. A lucky 63 will see six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, one six-fold accumulator, 15 four-folds, and six five-folds.

Super Heinz

A super heinz bet is even greater! This sees 120 bets of equal value, but this time, covering selections in seven separate events. These will have 35 trebles, 21 five-folds, 21 doubles, 35 four-folds, seven six-folds and a seven-fold acca.


A goliath bet is as crazy as it gets in these types of horse racing bets. This has 247 equal-value bets on eight selections which sees 56 five-folds, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 28 doubles, 28 six-folds, eight seven-folds and one eight-fold.


An alphabet bet is a bet on six selections that have a total 26 bets. This must be 2 patents (14 bets), 1 yankee (11 bets) and a six-fold accumulator (1 bet).

Single Stakes About

A single stakes combine to produce two bets from two singles. Any return on each single up to the original stake amount is then used to go into another single on the other selection.

Double Stakes About

This is a wager on two selections and consisting of two single bets. However, if one selection wins, then a double of the original stake is then placed on another single bet as the second selection.

Round Robin

A round-robin means the punter is actually making 10 bets from three selections which consist of three double bets, one treble, and three up-and-down single-stake bets.


A flag bet is a bet on four selections in different events which has six doubles, one four-fold, four trebles, and 6 single stakes about bets.

Super Flag

The super flag bet is a five-selection wager that has 46 bets consisting of 10 trebles, five four-fold, 10 doubles, one five-fold and 10 up-and-down SSA pairs.

Super Heinz Flag

A super heinz flag bet is seven selections that take place across different events. This will see 35 four-folds, 35 trebles, 21 five-folds, 21 doubles, 7 Six-Folds, 21 five-folds and 21 single stake about pairs.

Goliath Flag

A goliath flag bet is a bet on eight selections taking part in different events that has a total of 1 eight-fold accumulator, 70 four-folds, 28 doubles, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 56 trebles, 8 seven-folds, and 20 single stakes about pairs.

Union Jack

A Union Jack bet consists of nine selections of between 8-80 bets, which ultimately depends on the type.

Straight Forecast

A straight forecast bet means you have to pick the horses who will finish first and second in a race, in that exact order and nothing else.


This is picking a horse to win, but by clicking each way, the punter gets a return if the horse doesn’t win but finishes in a placed position.

Reverse Forecast

A reverse forecast is often called a dual forecast, and this is a bet where you predict the first and second-placed horses in a race but in any order, so it’s slightly different to a straight forecast.

Match Bet

Matched betting is a little trickier. This works by canceling out the risk on a bet by betting against yourself with the same odds you placed the initial bet with.

Tote Placepot

Here with a tote placepot, you have to pick a horse to place in each of the first six races of a chosen race.


A jackpot bet is a horse racing pool bet where punters attempt to pick the first six winners at a chosen race.

FAQ’s about horse racing bet types

What is the safest bet in horse racing?

In reality, there are no safe bets in any form of betting as you are gambling your money. On one hand, statistically speaking, a single bet is safer than anything else as you’re simply betting on one race. Multiple bets like an accumulator or lucky 15 offer higher returns, which naturally, makes it harder to win What are Tote Bets? (explain in a bit more depth)

What are Tote Bets?

Tote bets are quite easy to understand. When you’re betting with the Tote, you are betting into a pool of bettors which means all the money you stake in a select race is grouped together. Once the race is complete, each bettor who backed the winner receives a share of that winnings from the prize pool depending on how much each person staked.

What is the best type of horse racing bet?

The best type of horse racing bet really just depends on what it is you want out of gambling and how much you’re willing to bet. Either way, we have all the tips you need right here at The Winners Enclosure for many different types of bets out there, whether it be a single or a multiple.

Can you bet on a horse to not win a race?

Betting on a horse to lose a race is perfectly legal too, and many punters out there find it easier to pick a horse that isn’t going to win rather than one that may win.

How to get the biggest horse bet payout

Different types of horse racing bets ultimately mean there are many ways in which you can get a profit, but the best way to make a high return is through multiple bets, as you’re then backing multiple bets.

New to horse racing betting types?

Now that you’re aware of the new types of bets and all the types of bets explained are complete, it’s time to get your hands on some free bets and enjoy the world of horse racing betting.

The likes of Bet365, Sky Bet, Paddy Power and many, many more offer free bets that you can claim right here with us. Our free bets page here at The Winners Enclosure will hand you all the free bets, how to get them, activate them, and all the limits and minimum requirements for each bookmaker.