Small Progress But Still A Long Way To Go For Injured Harriet Bethell

Harriet Bethell

Trainer Harriet Bethell is reported to be going a long the right lines in terms of making a recovery after making some small progress but doctors and her father still explain there is a long road ahead for her.

However, she still remains in a coma at a hospital in Hull after coming through an operation well that was done to help her brain out after her fall last month that was the reason for this injury.

William Bethell, father to Harriet, has taken over her operations at her stables in Yorkshire in the wake of the this incident that has left his daughter in a life threatening condition.

He said: "She's making small steps of progress. She's not out of a coma yet but is showing signs of coming out. Her eyes are opening.

"It happened four weeks ago and we still have a good few people coming to see her. Talking to her is important because they say the first thing to come back is the hearing. We play winning races of her horses in her ears and that picks her up."

The 33 year old female trainer suffered the injuries last month after a fall on the gallops which left her with a bleed in the head and ever since this freak incident the whole racing community has been overly supportive, with the BHA also getting involved.

Her father added: "Jerry Hill, the BHA doctor, has taken a real interest and been a fantastic help. He's trying to organise consultants and rehab. But it's going to be a very long job."