sky money back as cash

What is the Sky Bet Money back as cash offer?

Sky Bet is one of the UK’s most popular bookmakers and their promotions are some of the very best around too. The Money Back as Cash promotion is an offer Sky Bet run on selected races whereby if your selection finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th, they will refund your stake or the win part of an each-way bet, up to the value of £10. However, please be advised, the Best Odds Guaranteed will not apply to these races but will apply to the other UK and Irish races where noted on the race page.

What is an each way bet and how do I qualify for this?

An each-way bet is a bet offered by bookmakers that consists of two separate bets. These two bets must be a winning bet that you have chosen, and a place bet, where the horse can finish in a certain spot and you still get a return from it as a result. For the win part of the bet to give a return, the selection must win or finish first in the event.

Please also note that multiple bets do not count for this offer.

Here is a checklist of requirements to qualify for the Money Back offer:

Money back checklist
Money Back Horse Racing Checklist

What happens if a back a non-runner?

This is a very common problem amongst horse racing bets and promotions, as in the very last few minutes, a horse can pull out of the race. If you just so happened to back a non-runner in the Money Back as Cash promotion, your bet will be considered void and your stake will be returned to its fullest.

Do also remember as well that if you have only backed one horse, then you will be able to back another horse that will be eligible for this promotion. If you have backed more than one horse for the first race, then the next horse you backed will be the horse that is now eligible for this promotion.

Can you cash out on this promotion?

As with most Sky Bet bets, you can cash out on this Money Back as Cash promotion, although, you do destroy the promotion in the process. If you do choose to cash out your bet before the race, then your next bet will be ineligible for the refund as this will be classed as a claimed promotion.

What is the most I can bet?

The maximum refund you will receive if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th will be £10 and the normal staking rules apply in line with Sky Bet’s terms and conditions.