York Racecourse Confident On Good Ground For Ebor Festival

York's Ebor meeting is now just one week away and the going report is a positive one with the racecourse expecting the ground to be good with a dry spell expected over the next few days.

With the going expected to be good it allows for a superb four days of racing with the best conditions on offer for some of the best horses in the world.

(Credit At The Races) “At the moment we are good all round. Today we’ve got a lovely day, bright and breezy. We are forecast rain tomorrow at about 10 o’clock, and then on and off from then. It’s difficult to predict an amount, but I’d say about 10mm,” said assistant clerk of the course Anthea Morshead on Thursday.

“After that it’s largely dry, Saturday is nice and sunny and Sunday will be sunny with light showers. So we’re looking at a decent week with temperatures in the upper teens, not red hot but perfectly nice.

“Tomorrow will put us on the slow side, but some sunny days will leave us on good ground.”

The showery conditions which could play a part to proceedings throughout the week are huge contrast to what the Ebor meeting had weather wise last year when England was going through a heatwave that saw one of the hottest summers to date.