Why adding an extra day to the Cheltenham festival would be a mistake for the sport


The big debate flying around the racing sphere is should we make the Cheltenham festival a five day event in March instead of the current four day meeting and we have our own opinion on the matter.

As the old saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and we stand by that when it comes to the Cheltenham festival and the four days in March showing off the best of British and Irish National Hunt racing perfectly.

Tuesday to Friday every single year near mid March, Cheltenham becomes the best to place to be on the planet and for us it needs to stay that way.

There has been the idea mentioned that adding an extra day to the meeting on the Saturday or the Monday would make the festival much better but when looking on the surface if it, it could ruin the whole spark of what makes the festival so special.

What makes the Cheltenham festival so likeable and just the pinnacle of the sport is the competitive nature of the racing with all the best horses in their divisions taking on one another.

By adding an extra day to the event it allows certain horses to avoid each other to then pick up better prize money which will be good for certain connections but not for the sport and paying racing fans.

It ruins the whole aura of the festival, it ruins the sense of competition, it ruins the anticipation of reading months in advance to pick your selections because the calibre of races will not be as good.

If Cheltenham were to add an extra day it would allow for more people to go racing and experience the festival which is one of the main positives with the event being such a special and momentous occasion.

But the four days at the moment provides every punter and race-goer with everything they currently need from the festival, with excitement, highs and lows and an increasingly high standard of racing that could be lost if adding extra races that may not be at the same level as what we already have.

Overall, from our perspective the cons out weigh the pros massively and we are very happy with how the Cheltenham festival is run, handled and prepared for every year.