WATCH: Stalls Malfunction Causes Havoc To Race In America

Racing In America has given us some great moments in terms of special winners from races like the Breeders Cup but it has also bought us some very strange moments that the sport has not witnessed before.

It was a Thursday night back in 2012 and Hoosier Park in Indiana was hosting a race meeting when a truly freak accident occurred to do with a malfunction with the stalls.

Luckily all riders and horses came off the track with only bumps and bruises with no serious injuries or fatalities luckily coming from it, but when watching this you have to fear the worst.

There are many theories as to what has actually happened here but it appears that the gate crew could not get the starting gate moved before the horses came back around the corner in the run in for home and when the jockeys looked up there was still the big stalls in the way and it was a race that could have been a complete tragedy turned out to be a miracle for everyone involved.

With not much time to pull the horses up all the participants got into a tangle desperately trying to get out of the way of the gates or get the horses to stop before meeting it.

It truly was a moment in the sport that could have been remembered forever as one of the worst and most catastrophic endings to a race in it history but luckily everyone was fine.

it appeared that the reason the tractor couldn't move the gates in the first place was it wouldn't switch into gear properly which is just something that happens.

From there they got the backup tractor to come on to move the stalls, with the race at this point still at full throttle, but when the driver of the tractor went to come away with the gates attached they weren't and it left them there.

At this point the horses and riders were to far round the track to completely stop and with no warning on the speaker from the commentator, the course or the stewards it was always going to end in carnage

The race was declared a no contest with the the track proposing that they would share the purse of the race between all of the runners because of the inconvenience but there is no data to support if this happened.

This is a moment in racing that could have been so much worse but in a moment of madness a miracle occurred but overall it makes for truly shocking television.

Watch below!

(Credit HallThoroughbreds)