Video: Horse Rampages Through Small French Bar

The last thing you expect to see on a Monday when you're trying to enjoy a refreshing beverage and some pleasant company is a racehorse running towards you in a bar.

On Monday in France, Chantilly this is exactly what happened and in the chaos it looked like something from a nightmare.

The unnamed racehorse that is trained by french trainer Jean-Marie Beguigne, dropped her rider on the way to the gallops and from there made her way in the bar which is opposite the train station and called Le Chantilly, bucking like a broncho, sending the startled punters and staff running scared in an event that can only be described as crazy.

check out the video below it quite frankly although terrifying and thankfully no one was seriously injured in the process of the horse being revved up is one of the most bemusing things to ever watch.

(Credit Stephanie James)