Trainers recommended to keep exercising horses on the gallops


All trainers are being advised by the government to comply with the countries strict social-distancing requirements, but whilst doing that they are still able to exercise and train their horses on the gallops.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday evening addressed the nation and explained without using the word that Britain was in a basic lockdown situation with the majority of the nation asked to stay at home.

The only exceptions are one piece of outdoor exercise per day, essential shopping for provisions or for medical attention and to head out for work only if necessary and people not being able to work from home.

This really applies to people who come under the wording of key workers and it looks like that stable staff fall into the bracket of those also still allowed to travel to their place of employment.

The National Trainers Federation chief executive Rupert Arnold issued a quick message of advice to members on the organisation’s website about what the plan would be for racing yards and their staff during this difficult time.

(Credit RacingTV) He said: “Within minutes of the Prime Minister’s announcement of strict rules on the movement of people from 9pm tonight, trainers began asking us whether horses could be exercised tomorrow.

“We have already sent a message to the industry Covid Group pointing out that in all European racing jurisdictions where severe restrictions on movement have already been implemented, racehorses are continuing to be exercised.

“Our advice to you is therefore to continue getting horses out on the gallops and other exercise areas, while observing the distancing rules with the utmost discipline.”

The big message stressed by the NTF to trainers is that the yards are aware and working within the government guidelines during the pandemic.

Arnold added: “Tell your staff that failure to observe the rules is a disciplinary offence.

“Make sure you, as their employer, lead by example and that all the necessary equipment and advice is available in the yard for them to wash and dry hands, clean surfaces and keep at least two metres apart.

“We are seeking confirmation that feed, bedding and other essential supplies and services such as vet, farrier and muck removal can continue.”