Trainer Micky Quinn Expresses Why There Has To Be Whips In Horse Racing

Ex professional footballer and now horse racing trainer Micky Quinn is a frequent guest on Talk Sport normally featuring alongside Alan Brazil in the morning show.

Horse racing whenever he is on is always talked about and discussed and this week was no exception with a very topical issue floating around social media.

The BHA (British Horse Racing Authority) received a letter from a Matthew Syed a verified author on Twitter who expressed his opinions on why the whip should not be used in the sport any longer.

Days later the BHA hit back with a statement of there own explaining why use of the whip is something that is crucial for the sport and will be kept for the foreseeable future.

On Thursday morning Micky Quinn who is the only professional left in a sport that works on Talk Sport had his say on the matter and brought up a lot of other key issues in the sport that over the years have been changed and have been beneficial to let the sport progress.

British horse racing both flat and over jumps is by far the most advanced out of every other nation in the world with the rules and regulations that have been stepped up over the years to make the sport as caring and considerate towards all involved, especially the horses.

The issue of having to use a whip is crucial in the sport and as Micky Quinn so rightly expresses his point on the matter he said: "It's for encouragement and correction."

Jockeys in some circumstances may make more whips on the horse occasionally and that is through human error and there are laws in place that if that does happen the jockey will be banned for an allotted time.

But to scrap the use of the whip which over the years have been air cushioned to cause less pain towards the horse are needed in the sport and without them horse racing would not be the same.

Listen to Micky Quinn has to say below and see if you agree with his verdict.

(Credit Talk Sport)