Trainer Harriet Bethell Suffers Serious Head Injuries In Gallops Incident

Trainer Harriet Bethell has suffered some serious life threatening injuries that see her currently in intensive care after an incident occurred at the gallops of her training facilities.

The 33 year old handler has been placed in an induced coma after taking a nasty fall which has left her with very significant injuries to her head.

Her father, William Bethell reported that her daughter was in a "life-threatening situation" and the doctors at the hospital in Hull where she is currently being held were taking it day by day with her care.

(Credit Racing Post) He said: "Harriet had a bad fall on the gallops a week ago and is in intensive care in Hull. She's in an induced coma and it's a life-threatening situation. 

"She has a bleed in the head, a few bleeds I think, so they have to let her sleep and wake her up in a few days' time. It's very difficult being positive because the words out of the hospital are not great."

William Bethell, in his emotional interview with Sky Sports Racing's Matt Chapman explained why they have kept going for her and with the few horses they do have at the yard they are flying.

"She's done all the work," he told Sky Sports Racing. "We only have three running and one on the runway and they just win; she's had three winners in the last month. 

"We thought we better keep them running for the next month or so while they're running in her form that she trained them and then we'll see how she is."

Harriet Bethell has now had six winners this year which is remarkable even having one for a small yard and we hope that the trainer can make a full recovery and come back and see how well her horses have been performing.