Trainer Fearing For Life After Being Shot At With Rifle

Trainer Brain Eckley has been left fearing for his life after he believes that a rifle shot narrowly missed him but was meant to actually kill him.

The 66 year old stable handler based near Wales in Brecon was less than three feet away from the bullet when it plummeted into the verge on May 21st around eight o'clock at night.

The trainer straight away reported the incident to the Dyfed-Powys Police who are currently investigating this mysterious event but it has left Eckley shocked and believing someone wants to kill him.

(Credit Racing Post) He said: "I was in my stable yard just after eight in the evening when I heard a bullet rip into the ground alongside me

."I could tell that it had been fired from about 200 yards away and aimed directly at me. I was quite an easy target.

"It caused mayhem around me. Two horses bolted, my dog dashed into the house and cowered in a corner, cattle stampeded close to where I think the gun was fired and a flock of birds flew from the trees.

"I immediately telephoned the police and two officers came to my premises a short time later.

"This was so close that I think it was an attempt on my life rather than someone trying to frighten me. Trouble is, I have 23 horses and 230 cattle to look after, so I have to be outside day and night. There is nowhere to hide."

Eckley added: "This has come soon after a drone was directed into my stable and scared the horses.

"I'm concerned that someone might be trying to finish me off or, at least, frighten me."

The Dyfed-Powys police have confirmed that they have two of their officers assigned to the case with a statement on the ongoing investigation to be released later today.

A freak moment but worrying time for Eckley and the sport.