Top Five Worst Jockey Falls Of All Time

This blog is setup to inform people who watch our beloved sport and for people who don't take any notice whatsoever as especially for the jockey's and the horses, we do not believe they get enough credit and the recognition they deserve from racing fans.

A lot of people have the perception that a jockey's job is a fairly straight forward one, just steering a horse around a track but it is far from that and overall every time they get on board a horse they are risking there lives.

Successful jockeys do get paid well with the prize money in horse racing especially for the big Group/Graded races but for jockeys riding everyday at Class 5 and 6 level and knowing one fall could end there career and even worse there lives is not what you think it is.

For jump jockeys more so the inevitability of that if they do fall heavily off a horse they are going to pick up an injury and for some riders these injuries have been career ending.

The injured Jockeys Fund do a brilliant job for these men and woman that do unfortunately, when picking up in some cases a life threatening injury come to the aid of the person and there family.

When your horse doesn't quite get up to win or if the jockey does not give the ride on board the horse that they should off and you slate them, just think next time that every time they go out onto the course they are risking there lives with most riders having families.

This video is not for the faint hearted and these falls do show the worst case scenario's that jockeys will go through but we thought we would highlight the severity of the jobs they do day in day out.

If you would like to donate to the injured jockeys fund here is the link

( Credit Top 5 Show)