Three Punters Bag £643,903 Each After Huge Scoop6 Is Finally Won

Saturday truly was a great day of racing with superb individual performances but also the clear explanation of agony and ecstasy within the betting rings, but for three Betfred customers it was a day they will never forget for as long as they live.

52 tickets were still live heading into the last leg of the Betfred Scoop 6 on Saturday with three punters going on to land the mega prize of £643,903 each, leaving the other 49 so close but yet so far away from a life changing some of money.

One of the punters had one the bets of the century by landing the shared £2 million prize pot by simply staking £2.

The Scoop 6 win pot had not been for some time hence the humungous amount of £2 million being the prize pot for punters to have a go at winning and with 52 tickets left in the hat going into the final race, Saturday looked the day it was surely going to be won.

This was the case for the three lucky punters but it was not without its drama. The last race of the day at Haydock was the contest that would prove the decisive one and it happened to leave punters on the edge of there seats with the result of the race going to a photo-finish.

Seconf favourite Silver Eclipse for trainer Sue Smith jumped the last in front but was tracked down towards the line by the eventual winner Closing Ceremony trained by Emma Lavelle.

Silver Streak was the hope for 13 ticket holders but it was not to be leaving the disappointed punters with there head in there hands being so close to what would have been a special winning bet but for the three lucky racegoers, they could enjoy the win in style.

The Scoop 6 winners could see there fortune go one step further, when next week they will have the chance to ad to there riches with an additional £1 million sitting in the bonus pot for them to have a go at winning.

(Credit Racing Post) Totepool spokesman Matt Hulmes said: "Congratulations to the three Scoop6 winners this afternoon. It was a dramatic final leg as the judge took a while to separate Closing Ceremony and Silva Eclipse in the Haydock dusk, but it was to the delight of a triumphant trio, and the dismay of an unlucky thirteen.

"The three winners will now set their sights on adding the £1,030,922 bonus fund to their winning haul by finding the winner of a nominated race next Saturday."

Here is how the winning money ended up in the pockets of the three winners from start to finish in numbers going down race by race:

After leg 1: 97,573
leg 2: 10,555
leg 3: 3,004
leg 4: 403
leg 5: 52
leg 6: 3