Three More Horses From Donald McCain's Yard Test Positive

Three more horses at Donald McCain’s yard in Cheshire have tested positive for equine influenza, including Raise A Spark who finished last in a Class Three Handicap Chase at Ayr on Wednesday.

As the story continues swiftly, the British Horseracing Authority addressed the public and fans of the sport in a further statement on Friday afternoon which read: "Of the samples that have been returned so far, three further positive results for equine influenza have been reported, all from the original affected yard.

"This means that in total six positive tests have been returned from the horses tested so far from this yard. Of the four horses from this yard who competed at fixtures this week, one has returned a positive sample so far – Raise A Spark, who competed in Ayr, Scotland.

"The test on this runner relates to a sample taken the following day, and the horse showed no clinical symptoms on raceday. It was in anticipation of this risk the decision was taken by the BHA to restrict movement of horses on a precautionary basis at the yards of 120 other trainers who competed at these fixtures, and to suspend racing until Wednesday at the earliest.

"This action was taken to mitigate the impact of any of the runners which competed at these fixtures being found to be infected by the virus," it finished.

In the last few moments, the sport's governing body have spoke again, this time revealing that there is another suspicious case relating to a runner on the all-weather this week, that has led to a further fifty yards being placed into lockdown.

The statement continued: "However, a separate suspicious case – which has not yet been confirmed as a positive sample – has been identified at another yard.

"No links have been identified between this yard and the original yard. This yard had runners at the fixtures at Newcastle on February 5 and Wolverhampton on February 6, and as such the BHA has taken the further precautionary steps of placing all 54 yards of trainers who also had runners at these fixtures on hold and initiating testing of horses from these yards.

"The BHA is working closely with the Animal Health Trust in order to manage the logistical challenge of providing sufficient swabs and handling the volume of tests being sent through the facility, considering that testing of a total of 174 yards is now taking place.

"It will not be possible to test every horse from every yard before the end of the weekend, but we will work with trainers to identify any priority or risk horses and ensure they are tested. This will all form part of the picture that is built in order to assist the decisions that will be made on Monday," it finished.

Gradually, trainers are coming out reporting brighter news after confirmation that the bug has not spread to their respective bases.

Newmarket trainer James Tate has revealed results of tests taken on his horses at his yard for equine flu have come back negative from the Animal Health Trust.

Stay tuned to The Winners Enclosure as there will be plenty more on this fast-growing story over the weekend which we will bring you.

We can expect to hear from the BHA again sometime on Monday, where they will announce their findings on all of their tests and plans ahead of upcoming and rescheduled race meets.