The Strangest Things To Happen In Horse Racing In Recent Years

Adam Wedge 21 Day Ban For Missing A Fence

Celebrating new year's day is always a joyful occasion but this what not the case this year for Adam wedge after he picked up a 21 day ban for his ride on the hot favourite at Exeter.

With three fences to go he was cruising to an inevitable win but for some reason instead of jumping the fence he just took the horse round it and carried on jumping the other two to go and win.

There was an immediate stewards Enquiry called and the result was over turned and the jockey as handed a slightly harsh 21 day ban to start the new year.

(Credit Racing UK)

Paul Townend 21 Day Ban On Al Boum Photo

Another Strange moment in racing that took place this year was again over the jumps this time in Ireland at the Punchestown Festival some of the stand out horses of the year.

Al Boum Photo with Paul Townend on board were primed for there final jump to then make a run for the line and they looked favourites to go on and win but in an instance Townend claimed he heard a call to miss the fence.

This then lead the horse astray and taking another challenger Finian's Oscar with him into the side of the fence and out of the race. Townend was hit with a 21 day ban for his actions and it allowed Davy Russel to go on and win the race on The Storyteller who never looked like winning at all.

(Credit At The Races)

James Ridley 28 Day Ban

James Ridley in the Hunter Chase at Newbury took away his clear 20 length victory by slowing the horse down to literally a stop before the finish line allowing two other horses to sweep in and finish ahead of him.

For this action he received a 28 day ban and ultimately embarrassed himself as a jockey for a couple of months letting such a clear lead slip.

For punters who backed this horse they must have been infuriated. This was one of the showings from a jockey in 2017 and a bad day at the office for Jamie Ridley.

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Rob Hornby 12 Day Ban At Wolverhampton

The final strangest moment from us in horse racing of present was at the end of last year at Wolverhampton over the all weather where young jockey Rob Hornby made an embarrassing error.

The jockey was leading by six lengths with still a circuit to go and started whipping the horse getting ready to finish in the straight which is very strange.

He forgot there was another lap of the track and thought he had won the race easily but to the surprise of him the horses kept on running past him and then he realised he had made an error, he received a 12 day ban for this.

(Credit At The Races)