Syndicate Launched To Raise Money For MND Association

Burrow Seven

Rugby League and racing fans are being given the opportunity to help raise money for former Leeds Rhinos star Rob Burrow’s Fight Back Fund for the MND Association by joining a new syndicate.

The Burrow Seven Racing Club has been set in honour of the Rugby League International star after it was announced last December that that the Athlete had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

Burrow Seven will be trained by dual purpose handler Jedd O'Keefe and you can buy shares in the operation for £59 with all profits going to the MND Association, to help raise awareness whilst also funding projects that might help to find a cure for the disease.

Teammate to Burrow's, Barrie McDermott has been crucial in helping the project to get going has explained it is a great way to bring the sports of Racing and Rugby League together whilst also helping raise funds for a charity.

(Credit ATR) He said: “I’ve been doing a bit of business with Phil Hawthorne for a few years and he is a big Wigan Warriors fan and big Rob Burrow fan. His passions are rugby league and horse racing.

“We started kicking a few ideas around as to how we could involve lots of people who wanted to help the fight towards MND and associate themselves with the mission to help Rob by having some fun as well.

“What we think we have here is something really inclusive, and Covid friendly. People who like horse racing can get involved, and people who don’t like horse racing but want to support Rob and put some money into his fund can as well.

“There are no limits as to how many can get involved. We could have a thousand, we could have 10,000. Our hope is we get as many people as possible and there is more demand than anything else we put together.”

Unfortunately the Leeds Rhino's star has now lost the ability to walk, but during these dark times his team mate McDermott believes this syndicate can help lift his spirits during this horrible time for him and his family.

McDermott added: “He is such a brave man and I’ve got so much respect for him. He is my mate and I’ve known him almost 20 years.“What I’ve seen from him in the last 12 months – it’s really taken my breath away. He never feels sorry for himself and even though his speech is a bit of a struggle, there is always a laugh and a smile.

“Everybody that does something for him, whether that be a school raffle to raise £80, or somebody like his old team mate Kevin Sinfield, who is running seven marathons in seven days – or the Burrow Seven Racing Club – they get the same amount of gratitude from Rob.

“We are all just super proud of him and this light he is shining on this dreadful disease.”

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Burrow Seven Racing Club should visit