Simon Crisford To Join Forces With Paul Cole And Son

Simon Crisford

Leading British trainer Simon Crisford looks set to join into a training partnership with his son Ed and also other well known handlers Paul and his son Oliver Cole.

The BHA are now allowing trainers to have dual licence holders and the Crisford team have took the opportunity to join force with Paul Cole and his son Oliver so now the two yards will be ran by a dual father and son team.

(Credit At The Races) Simon Crisford said: “It’s something that’s been on our minds for quite some time and in Australia it’s a very popular scheme and has always worked extremely well.

“We felt that because we have a stable in Dubai for the Carnival, plus we have a stable here in Newmarket, it was appropriate and would be the right thing to do to have a joint licence.

“We applied, went through the correct protocol and procedures outlined by the BHA and we were licensed the other day, so it’s good news.

“I think it will enable us to progress our business model. Our owners have been very supportive of the idea.

“I think it means our communication level with owners and staff will improve – it basically means we can operate as a team and hopefully deliver top results in accordance with our brief.”

Simon Crisford's son Ed, has been working under John Gosden for some time and now has decided to make the step forward and his father believes that he owes a lot to Gosden.

He added: John Gosden was extremely kind and took him on when he was extremely inexperienced. John has schooled him up as well they’ve schooled Enable!

“He’s done extremely well, he’s hard working, very efficient, understands the game inside out and is a very likeable young person.

“I think he would be an excellent trainer in his own right, but it so happens this was an easier route for him to progress to the level.”