Sheikh Mohammed's Family Altercations Revealed In Court


Flat racings leading owner in the sport Sheikh Mohammed, who is also the ruler of Dubai was in court on Thursday in Britain fighting a legal battle with his former wife and other big flat owner Princess Haya of Jordan over the Sheikh orchestrating the abductions of two of his children and subjected his former wife Princess Haya to a campaign of “intimidation”.

The high court in Britain yesterday heard that the Princess had fled back to Dubai last year with her two children and after this ordeal were looking to be made wards of court in respondse to the allegations against her ex husband.

(Credit Racing Post) After the judgements of the court were made the Sheikh revealed: "As a head of government, I was not able to participate in the court's fact-finding process. This has resulted in the release of a 'fact-finding' judgement which inevitably only tells one side of the story.

"I ask that the media respect the privacy of our children and do not intrude into their lives in the UK."

The ruling on the day explained of Sheikha Shamsa, the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed, left the families residence back in 2000 but was later found in Cambridgeshire and since that has been moved out to Dubai.

The ruler of Dubai's other daughter, Sheikha Latifa, made two attempts to leave her father's family in 2002 and once again in 2018 and now after being found of the coast of the Indian ocean has been put under house arrest.

The judge found that Sheikh Mohammed "continues to maintain a regime whereby both these two young women are deprived of their liberty".

Princess Haya explained that she was first suspicious off her daughters whereabouts early last year and spoke out about it.

This was at the time when an adulterous affair with her British bodyguard and with that coming out the Princess fled to Britain, taking her two children with her in the April.

With the family in the racing media limelight there was big speculation what would happen to the racing operations of the princess who owns many different classy horses but nothing seems to have changed with her still retaining 69 horses with four of them running already in 2020.