Sectional Timings For All British Courses By 2021

Sectional Timings For All British Courses By 2021

The latest technology upgrade to be installed in British horse racing will be sectional timing boards, which will sit in line with the rest of the world.

All British courses by the year 2021 will have new tracking data available, after it was confirmed that the Levy Board has committed almost £1million towards their operating costs for the first three years.

Sectional boards break races into timed sections every furlong, and not just for the run of the race overall.

The technology records the precise location of every horse with the use of wireless signals sent between transmitters in horse saddlecloths and receivers located around the course.

Times as well as speeds can be instantly calculated and immediately relayed live for media and spectator use.

Traditionally, judgements about pace have been made visually, but sectional times can officially identify how efficiently a horse has raced and can be used to dictate how fast or slow the pace is.

The figures can also be left open for further post-race analysis for trainers and or pundits for example.

The Levy board will work with media rights holders and their selected tracking partners, the British Horseracing Authority [BHA] and the Racecourse Association [RCA] to continue the planning stage.

The Levy Board released the following statement: "Accurate and fast data for all races is widely regarded as beneficial in engaging new audiences, while also offering bookmakers the opportunity to develop more compelling betting products in an increasingly competitive market.

"This technology will also provide key data-based evidence for industry priorities, including equine welfare, integrity and regulation.”

The investment has been welcomed by Total Performance Data [TPD], which has already providing live data on twelve courses owned by Arena Racing Company [ARC].

TPD are hoping to complete the installation at the remaining Arc courses by October later this year.

A statement read: "We fully share the Levy Board’s criteria whereby this funding is to speed up and drive faster investment leading to a position where the technology is self-sufficient by 2021.

"It will be available on every UK racecourse and generating new levy through new betting turnover."