Punter Lands $7,500 From $10 Stake On Wednesday

One of our lucky followers on Wednesday went on to beat the bookies with a remarkable bet from just a $10 stake to land a total of $7,513.39.

@RyannGlover placed an each way four fold consisting of four horses of odds of 7/2, 4/1, 9/2 and 5/1 across four races on the all weather at Lingfield racecourse.

Normally with a bet like this and with some of the odds on show, if you manage to get all your horses to place it still works out at a healthy profit but being able to land this four fold with all four horses going on to win is something that you don't see a lot of in betting.

What makes this bet even more special is the returns that Aaron received from just a small stake of $10. People will look at this and think why didn't he place more on it but the odds speak for itself about how many times in your life this will happen.

It shows a lot of knowledge of horse racing to be able to pull off a bet like this but also with the small stakes shows a clear understanding of how to gamble responsibly.

To be able to take the bookmakers for over £7,500 from just over $10 is like winning the lottery in some cases and what a remarkable achievement this was for our follower.

He did have a bit of luck however with one result ads the the second leg of the bet originally finished second but was overturned after the race with a stewards enquiry awarding Ban Shoof the race and Ryan with the substantial winner. If it was not for that overturning the profits would have been a lot lower.

Gambling on horses, especially in the off season on all weather racing is very difficult with so many different elements to think about and overcome to land just a single winner, to do it four times is unheard of and congratulations to @RyannGlover.