Popular Amateur David Maxwell Suffers Serious Injury At Wetherby

David Maxwell

The Popular amateur rider David Maxwell, who rides all of the horses he owns, suffered a serious injury on Wednesday at Wetherby and has praised the medical attention jockeys receive after his nasty fall.

The rider will be off the track for sometime after his fall on Zizaneur, when he was unseated from his horse and hit the ground leaving him concussed and with a fractured vertebra.

He is expected to be off for at least six weeks depending on how his rehabilitation goes but he is just thankful it was not worse and how quickly the medical staff dealt with him on the track.

The jockey, who has ridden 46 winners in Britain in the last five seasons, was making just his second start of the season has been touched by the support he has received by people in and out of the sport.

He said: "I was out cold for five minutes and I've got a small fracture in a vertebra.

"It's nothing major and I'm not in a lot of pain but I'd say I'll be out for six to eight weeks.

"But what was utterly superb was that Jerry Hill from the BHA sent me a text at 10.30 last night – 'How are you? What's the damage? Don't worry, we'll look after you'.

"It's fashionable to slag off the BHA but the medical attention to the jockeys is something to be immensely proud of. And I had the Injured Jockeys Fund on the phone this morning, asking if there was anything they could do, any help with rehab. I'm bowled over by it."

The 42 year old property investor has around 18 horses under his ownership and has said in the past that he does not want to buy horses for the big festivals but rather for Monday afternoon's at Plumpton.

Maxwell added: "It's really annoying, just when it's all getting going.

"I have some really nice horses to run and I won't be able to ride them."

It is now thought because of his injury that he will be saving some of his more favoured horses for later in the season so he can get to ride them.

He added: "Some of the younger ones have to get on with their career, they have to crack on – horses like Stratagem, who is a nice young novice chaser.

"It will be very strange watching them and I don't know how I feel about it but they have to get on with it and it's the nature of competitive sport, some guy gallops on to the finish and wins and some guy's lying in the dirt with something broken. And it could have been worse."