One Of The Funniest Racing Commentaries Of All Time

In crazy and quirky world of horse racing there truly are some characters that completely make the sport, with this there are moments in the sport that also are remembered forever and do make up a lot of what people love the sport for.

There can be extraordinary races on both the jumps and the flats and when speaking to pundits and punters a lot of the same ones will always be spoken out as a favourite memory in the sport but we have found another side of the sport as to why it is loved.

In Racing there is always some names of horses that are funny and clever and a lot of punters that do not know much about the sport but go to race meetings may have a bet on a horse just because of there names and these two horses would definitely be heavily backed.

In a race back in 2010 at Monmouth Park, USA, there were two horses entered into the race with very similar names but very different meanings.

My Wife Know Everything and My Wife Doesn't Know were the two horse names and what made for a remarkable commentary performance was they were both neck and neck with the commentator repeating there names back an forth and it just sounds hilarious.

The professionalism from the speaker was what made the race come to life but it really is something you need to watch and the video is just below.

(Credit Steve Brannum)