Married Ex Premier League Footballer Andrey Arshavin Seen Riding Horse After Leaving Strip Club

Former Arsenal and Premier League star Andrey Arshavin has been caught leaving a strip club hugging to unknown women that allegedly work at the venue whilst also riding off on a horse down the street.

The ex professional footballer that has played for numerous clubs including Zenit St Petersburg, Kuban Krasnador and recently Kairat in Kazakstan is under severe media scrutiny after leaving Maximus Club which is renowned for being a Strip Club in Russia with Arshavin being newly married.

The now 37 year old is recently retired from the sport with one of his stand out moments of his career when he scored four goals for Arsenal against Liverpool at Anfield in a match that ended 4-4 between the rivals.


Arshavin has now moved back to Russia after his two year spell with Kairat and reports say that the Russian will now head a new academy set up at his former club Zenit St Petersburg.

His boyhood club which he then returned to after a spell in England, see him as a role model for the younger generation coming through to club and he recently said this in a statement about the club.

(Credit Mail Online) Arshavin said: "The project that I will lead is in almost every big club.'This is a training camp where the most talented kids from all regions of Russia will be invited.

"It will be year-round. At the same time, we do not want only a sports component, but also a cultural and educational one. That is why Zenit is signing agreements with theatres and universities.

"As long as the children stay in our academy for two or three weeks, the general education process should not cease."

Earlier this year Arshavin was up to no good again in a Kazakh nightclub with model Olga Semenova.

At the time, Alisa was accused of threatening to cut off her rival's fingers.

"She believes that everybody in Almaty throws themselves on her husband." said Semenova.

Arshavin was quoted as saying: 'I have loved Alisa, do love her, and will continue to love her."


The retired player was also caught up in more controversy after his first nightmare of being caught in a strip club whilst married but when leaving he got on a horse and did not pay the owner for the ride, which should have been £35.

We are not sure what is more strange that he got on a horse when leaving the strip club or that there was a man offering out horse rides outside a strip club.

The ex players wife Alisa Arshavin said she as deactivating all of her social media until this was out of the lime light.

Videos from the incident have been spread all over the internet and this truly is a tricky moment for the retired Russian footballer who was widely loved by the Arsenal faithful.

Enjoy these images and video below.