Man Takes Denman Obsession To New Level With Tattoo

Huge Horse racing fanatic Ollie Smith has took obsession for the sport to the next level by covering the top of his arm all the way to his elbow in a full tattoo of his favourite horse Denman.

Denman is one of the most well know horses in British national hunt racing after having a stellar career landing numerous Grade 1 races and other big accolades but he is most well known for his 2008 demolition of the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

This for many aswell as Smith is a lot of punters all time favourite horse but not many if any fans have took it to the extreme as to have the horse on there arm for the rest of there life.

The 34 year old spent several years as a fence attendant at Cheltenham racecourse and decided to bring the sport he loves to life on his arm and this is just one of 13 other pieces of art he has on his body.

Image Credit - Mikal Ludlow Photography

(Credit Gloucestershire Live) Smith said: “Denman was always my favourite horse so I decided to have him tattooed as a sleeve on my arm.

“From the moment he started out in the point-to-point scene, I loved his character and jumping ability.

“Horses like him with a never-say-die attitude will literally give you everything.

"Denman ran his rivals into submission. He would go out and force the pace, lump big weights in the Hennessy and put everything into each run.

“The first time I saw him in the flesh at Newbury before one of the Hennessys, he just stood out. People were whispering ‘there’s Denman, there’s Denman’. Horses like him generate these atmospheres before a race and the people love it.

“He’s an absolute superstar. I still watch some of his big wins back, including the Gold Cup.

“It was breathtaking. I still get fuzzy feelings seeing it again, it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It blew my mind away.”

Smith, now having the first horse racing tattoo wants to extend his love for the sport and have even more and the 20 times Champion jockey A P McCoy is next on his agenda.

Image Credit - Mikal Ludlow Photography